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Coffee Culture Portland Oregon

Exploring the coffee culture in Portland Oregon

Coffee Culture Portland OregonThe Portland coffee culture has been kept caffeinated for generations with a mix of independent roasters, and small cafes, each serving espressos, Americanos, and lattes made with beans around the world since before Starbucks spread across the map from its headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. Each of us can take home a piece of its history if we know where to look.

During the winter of 2012-2013, Portland, Oregon, in the United States, is known for having an established coffee culture. The Washington Post reported that Portland has more than thirty coffee roasters. Based on comparisons with other major cities along the West Coast, Portland has one of the most intimate coffee scenes in the country and one of the most relaxed. There is more and more interest in where and how coffee beans are produced now that people enjoy coffee.

Coffee lovers have long embraced the differences in beans, but the trend became widespread at some point in the late ’90s. Due to the rise of coffee education, there is a rise in fair trade and single-origin coffee. Large coffee brands, however, are notorious for blending beans to reduce costs. In response, small coffee shop owners and roasters began doing the opposite. Their first step was to visit coffee farmers and establish ethical practices – something Portland has been at the forefront of. As a result, our city ended up with a better product that was fair to everyone.

In Portland, too, coffee takes on a deeper meaning; The city has become the epicenter of American coffee culture. In the past, more than any other city in the U.S., the concept of a good cup of coffee has meant much more than it does here. We had the highest number of roasters per capita and the highest number of cafes in a recent survey of 100 cities. Our opinion on where to go for coffee is subjective—Portlanders Googled “coffee” more frequently last year than any other city. Throughout the year, we celebrate the best coffee city in the country, focusing on Portland’s rich coffee culture. Only one thing is missing: a way to combine Portland’s great cultures of beer and coffee. But we’re going to have this too: a beer brewery and coffee roastery will open soon in Portland. You never realize what you’ve gotten into until it’s gone. Welcome to the world of Portland coffee culture, where everything is done differently. A strong cup of coffee and a rainy morning seem to go hand-in-hand, which may be why Portland is so famous for having many of the world’s top coffee roasters.

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Exploring the coffee culture in Portland Oregon

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