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Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC always meets the times scheduled

Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC always meets the times scheduled. There are never any complaints from our clients for the cleans. They have helped us at the last minute for changes to the schedule, because of client requests.
I have experienced other companies. PDX is the best we have had. The customer service is wonderful.

Carol Bosted - Branch Manager

Great Communication

great communication, arrived on time, friendly and efficient – Joy Lynch

They did a very good job

Apartment was very clean after their workGood job.🙂

Very quick and efficient cleaning service

Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC made it very easy to schedule a cleaning on short notice and delivered a very quick, efficient cleaning service.

The place looks great. Exactly

The place looks great. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks


I would highly recommend Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC as your Portland Cleaning Company

In regards to Pauline Perez and her cleaning service, I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is thorough, detailed and very accommodating. I have never had an issue that was not resolved immediately. Pauline communicates well and is both personable and professional.

I would like to thank

I would like to thank you for Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC’s exceptional service. From the day Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC first stopped by to solicit DePaul’s business to present, you have lived up to every promise made for excellent service…Through logical steps you working with us to find out what our concerns were and solutions to solve them. You introduced us to john, who came in with a list of items to correct and step-by-step has done so. Our building now shines with cleanliness – using green products too! Not only does John take personal pride in his work, but he keeps us apprised of any problems he sees that are over and beyond his scope of daily work. His proactive approach has saved our company from possible problems that could cost us money if not attended to. He does all of this in a manner which does not distract from our daily work.

J. R. | DePaul Industries

This is a letter of

This is a letter of recommendation for the PDX cleaning service and their franchise owner Pauline Perez. Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC (Pauline, for approximately the last 6 months) has been cleaning our offices at (address) since March 2007. They have always been very efficient and professional with their work. If ever we had a special request, they were always willing to accommodate. Being a dental supply company, we have many dentists who visit our office/showroom. It is very important to us to have a clean office, just like the dentist’s office – this is what they expect and so do we. With the help of Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC, we designed a detailed cleaning schedule of what is expected by us. There are duties that are done weekly, every other week and monthly. Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC has stayed in close contact with me concerning all work performed. If there is ever any concern on the quality of work performed by myself or any one of our staff, Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC has always taken care of the situation promptly.-

-P. M. | Burkhart Dental