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This is a letter of

This is a letter of recommendation for the PDX cleaning service and their franchise owner Pauline Perez. Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC (Pauline, for approximately the last 6 months) has been cleaning our offices at (address) since March 2007. They have always been very efficient and professional with their work. If ever we had a special request, they were always willing to accommodate. Being a dental supply company, we have many dentists who visit our office/showroom. It is very important to us to have a clean office, just like the dentist’s office – this is what they expect and so do we. With the help of Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC, we designed a detailed cleaning schedule of what is expected by us. There are duties that are done weekly, every other week and monthly. Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC has stayed in close contact with me concerning all work performed. If there is ever any concern on the quality of work performed by myself or any one of our staff, Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC has always taken care of the situation promptly.-

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This is a letter of

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