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Do you or a family member suffer from a hoarding disorder in Oregon? We understand that dealing with someone who may be suffering from hoarding can be difficult, especially because the condition makes it very hard for the person to part with belongings and certain items, regardless of their monetary or personal value. Homes that have been directly affected by hoarding can be both extremely unhealthy and dangerous, so the rooms within the home must be thoroughly cleaned. This process can help kick start the healing process for those affected by this serious condition. We know that this can be an extremely sensitive situation, especially if the hoarder is a family member. That’s why we pride ourselves on working with the hoarder and their loved ones to properly clean their house and begin the transition to a healthier lifestyle. Finding the right cleanup company can be difficult, but we are here to help!

Today’s Best Cleaning offers respectful and experienced hoarder home cleaning services! Ask us about any of our residential or commercial cleaning services and how our professional staff can take care of all your cleaning needs! With years of experience, especially in tougher situations, we are confident that our staff can take care of any cleaning situation you find yourself in!

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Finding the right company to help with hoarding cleaning can be challenging, but we are here to make your transition as easy and as comfortable as possible. Having a staff that is properly trained in handling different situations is the key to successful hoarding cleanup. By utilizing understanding and compassion, our friendly staff can help with any hoarding or mass cleanup situation. If you or someone you know is a hoarder, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask how our services can help.

Facts About Hoarding

Hoarding affects nearly 6% of Americans. This means that up to 19 million people are directly affected by hoarding and may impact as many as 1 in every 20 people.

At Today’s Best Cleaning, we understand that these possessions that hoarders hold on to have a meaning to them, and they don’t see them as “garbage” or “junk.” It’s important to create a plan that works for all parties involved to meet the hoarder’s physical and emotional needs. Our experienced cleaning staff knows that these situations can be delicate, which is why they show the utmost professionalism and compassion when performing cleaning services for hoarders.

How long does it take to clean out a hoarder’s house?

While every situation is different, the timing of cleaning a hoarder’s house can vary depending on several factors. The size of the home, the amount of potential hazards, and the volume of belongings and other things that need to be removed from the location.

Are there any serious risks involved in hoarding?

There are a lot of personal health and home risks that are involved with a hoarding disorder. Some complications from hoarding can lead to illness and even death due to biohazards forming from clutter. These issues can lead to toxic buildup, hazardous situations, animal waste, and other issues. Some of the risks involved with hoarding include:

  • Fire susceptibility
  • Higher risk of contracting diseases and illness
  • Physical harm from falling
  • Insect and vermin infestation

While shame and guilt are typically part of the hoarding condition, we encourage those suffering to reach out for expert help when they are ready to get rid of these dangerous materials. With expert cleanup services, we ensure that the environment is properly cleaned and cleared of any clutter and hazardous materials. We know that the hoarding disorder is a serious one, and we treat it as such with every case, making our client’s health the highest priority. With our proven process and high level of service, we make sure your home is clear with proper cleaning.

What is the cost of hoarding cleanup services

While we don’t necessarily have a set price for our hoarding cleanup services, we like to take the time to give a full estimate for the entire process once we see the affected areas. This cost will include the removal of any waste materials and the cost of supplies needed for cleaning.

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