Commercial Cleaning Services in Portland

Commercial cleaning services in Portland is a revolutionary service you can rely on for your office, warehouse or medical facility cleaning. Our services range from office cleaning to warehouse cleaning and medical cleaning.

We also provide deep cleaning and pressure washing, to ensure your property is in pristine condition. Today’s Best Cleaning carries out tasks such as scrubbing floors and ceilings, vacuuming carpets or rugs, dusting shelves with a feather duster (or similar) and wiping down countertops.

Benefits of a commercial cleaning company:

While you have the option to do your own cleaning, this is not always reliable because it derails your productivity and nobody is better qualified than a professional for the task. Here are some notable advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning company:

– A commercial cleaning company will come to your office or building and provide custom service for the specific needs of the space. Your tailored service ensures that you’re getting the best care.

Proffesionals will clean your space better than your DIY efforts. They can clean efficiently, quickly and thoroughly, leaving you with an immaculate environment that’s safe to use. This leaves your building or office looking nicer and smelling cleaner, making it a better place for people to live in!

– You don’t have to worry about how much waste is going into landfills as you can easily dispose of it at the same appointment. This does away with the stress the comes with finding the right disposal area for the waste.

– The equipment and products they use are environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about hurting Mother Earth! Their equipment are fully suited to the type of location you have, so they’re always able to efficiently clean it in the most comfortable way possible.

Hiring professionals also gives you the chance to focus on other equally important matters, whether it be your family, business or any other activity that you enjoy. This is extremely important in today’s busy world as we all have 24 hours a day and with this extra time on our hands, who doesn’t want more free time?


Commercial cleaning services for offices

We offer office cleaning services to keep your business up to date in a clean environment. Some common areas we focus on for office cleaning include:

– Countertops, shelves and work spaces

Countertops and work spaces are important sections of your office that need to be cleaned often. Today’s Best Cleaning will make sure these areas are clean and organized for a productive work day.

– Trash cans, floor mats and sinks

These items must also be kept in appropriate condition at all times. To keep your trash can looking brand new, we come by weekly or twice monthly to take out the garbage.

– Entrance areas with mats or greenery

When cleaning your office entrance areas, we will also make sure that your plants and mats are cleaned. We focus on dirt deposits from foot traffic by sweeping or vacuuming and then finish with a deep clean to remove any dirt residue.

– Ceilings

Many ceilings in an office environment can be difficult to reach, so we make sure these areas are cleaned as well! We will dust the ceiling fans and other high surfaces that you might miss when cleaning your space on your own.

– Bathrooms

We come by weekly or biweekly to clean any public bathrooms in the office. This includes cleaning all toilets, sinks, counters and floor mats. Today’s Best Cleaning will clean the inside and outside of all stalls. We also wipe down sinks, mirrors and counters that you use on a daily basis. Floors in bathrooms are vacuumed and mopped as needed. We also change out toilet paper rolls as needed during our visit!

– Office equipment

We clean copiers, fax machines, printers and other stationary office equipment during our weekly or biweekly visits to your building in Portland. We will also dust workstations and any desks as needed!

– Trash cans

It’s important not only to have trash but also keep it clean! Today’s Best Cleaning will clean the inside and outside of trash cans during our weekly or biweekly visits to your office in Portland.

– Floors

We vacuum, steam mop and buff floors in offices as needed. This includes all carpets, wood flooring, tile and stone! We clean floors using a variety of methods that are most appropriate for each type of floor like Swiffer, a steam mop or just plain old elbow grease!

– Chandeliers

We will clean the outside and inside of chandelier fixtures to make them shine again! We will also dust any hanging plants or other greenery as needed.

– Window treatments

Our deep surface cleaning process includes washing and steaming curtains, blinds and shades. We can also remove any furniture or items from the window so you won’t have to do it yourself and we’ll put them back when we’re done!

Commercial Cleaning Services for medical buildings

Medical offices can be a breeding ground for bacteria because of the presence of patients who are still recovering from illnesses or those who have long term health needs. That’s why it’s important to clean these medical facilities on a regular basis. We provide professional commercial cleaning services in Portland for hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the Portland area that can be tailored to meet. The areas we focus for medical facility cleaning include:

– Medical equipment and instruments

Today’s Best Cleaning will work to clean all the medical equipment, from x-rays to surgical tools. It’s important that they’re not only cleaned of bacteria but also sterilized so your patients will be safe! We take out time to ensure each piece of equipment is sanitized and cleaned thoroughly using professional tools and products.

– Surfaces

We clean all the surfaces in your hospital like floors, counters and door handles to eliminate germs on contact! Our commercial cleaning services include mopping floors with disinfectant solutions so you don’t have to worry about spreading bacteria or other pathogens around.

– Patient rooms

Patient rooms are sensitive and need regular cleaning for both health and safety reasons. Today’s Best Cleaning will disinfect surfaces such as toilets, sinks and counters near patient rooms to eliminate bacteria build-up that can cause infections in the hospital!

– Exam rooms and patient areas

Our exam room cleaning ensures that your sterile environment is maintained for patient safety and comfort. We use specialized equipment to clean all the surfaces in your exam room, including counters, sinks, tables and chairs!

– Operating rooms

Patient safety is our number one priority! We disinfect and clean all surfaces in your operating room to keep the environment safe for patients. Our specialized equipment will scrub, polish and sanitize any countertops or table tops near the surgery area. This helps in the prevention of bacteria build up and the spread of germs.

Today’s Best Cleaning are also experts at operating suite cleaning! Our well trained technicians will scrub, polish and sanitize the surgery area as soon as patient leaves. This prevents any bacteria from building up on the surfaces and helps maintain a safe environment for patients.

– Intensive care units

We provide a thorough cleaning for intensive care units. This is a crucial area for infection prevention. We disinfect and clean all surfaces in your intensive care unit to keep the environment safe for patients.

Warehouse cleaning services in Portland

Warehouse cleaning is our focus as part of our professional cleaning service. A clean warehouse can help increase efficiency and productivity by removing soil, chemicals, trash and more from your floor space. We focus on the following areas for proffessional warehouse cleaning:

– Warehouses with a high volume of traffic

We offer warehouse cleaning for warehouses that have an elevated level of foot and hand traffic. We do this to help maintain your floor space by removing soil, chemicals, trash and more from the area.

– Warehouses with heavy machinery or equipment

We understand how challenging it can be to clean warehouses with heavy machinery or equipment. That’s why we come in with our heavy duty cleaning machines to remove dirt, grime and more from the area so it can be restored back to a clean state. Our commercial cleaning services also offers sanitary services for buildings with heavy machinery and equipment by removing oils, grease and other contaminants from the floor.

– Warehouses that produce toxic chemicals

If you have a warehouse that produces toxic substances like oils or corrosive solvents, then you’ll need an experienced company to handle such delicate cleaning. We offer industrial cleaning services for warehouses with hazardous chemicals, which may include acids and bases.

– Warehouses with a high volume of storage

We offer warehouse cleaning for warehouses that have an elevated level of storage by removing dust, bacteria, mold and more from your building’s space. Our professionals are trained to handle any type of dirt so you don’t have to worry about it


– Trash removal

We have the expertise to remove all types of waste products like food containers or paper shreds! We will get rid of what you don’t need so that your facility is always neat.

With our service, you’ll also never have to worry about paying for more than what’s necessary as Today’s Best Cleaning offers a flat rate that covers the cost of all-day cleaning and full-service maintenance! Additionally, with our great prices and awesome services, you’ll be able to save money.

Today’s Best Cleaning Portland has a lot of different options for commercial cleaning that will suit your needs. We offer all-day service as well as full-service maintenance for a wide range of different spaces. Whether you need us to clean your restaurant floor, office space or warehouse, Today’s Best Cleaning will have the perfect service that is right for you.

We also offer emergency cleaning in case of a disaster. We know that sometimes the best-laid plans don’t always work out and you may need your carpets cleaned, and emergency room sanitized or maybe an industrial spill happened in your warehouse. We offer emergency cleaning services for those times when something happens without notice at your office, warehouse or medical facility.