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Housekeeping Vancouver WA

Housekeepers In Vancouver Wa

Better than Good Housekeeping

Keeping a tidy house is important, but it isn’t always possible. There’s a limited amount of time in the day, and you may not always be able to combat germs, dust, and bacteria as fast as it builds up.

And between work, family, and the struggle to find time for yourself, housekeeping can seem impossible. That’s why so many Vancouver, Washington families choose to get professional housekeeping and house cleaning services from Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC.


Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC does housekeeping differently by only hiring housekeepers who meet strict qualifications. And we believe that high achievers supported by a licensed, bonded, and insured company can’t go wrong.


Housekeeping In Vancouver Wa

Our housekeepers have impressive credentials

  • Complete background checks and professional references must be passed before hiring.
  • We only use tough and safe green products to protect your home and family.
  • Our housekeepers guarantee their cleaning. We’ll fix problems reported within 24 hours for free.
  • Our house cleaners are area locals and know how to adapt cleaning for the weather.


Do dirty houses make people sick?

There are two major causes of illness that result from a home that isn’t being properly taken care of.

  • GermsHousekeeping-related studies indicate that 32% of countertops contain Coliform bacteria, and mold can be found on 18%. That’s just your countertop. Other places in your home contain staph bacteria and yeast. These can cause severe problems and negatively affect your health.
  • Allergens – Dustmites are a primary cause of allergies. This makes your bedroom a primary source of mite activity. They can cause asthma in young children, and they may inhabit an area even if visible dirt is not present. Pet dander also causes allergies indoors, and can quickly build up without regular house cleaning.
  • Mold – Mold tends to build in dark, forgotten corners of our house. Even more so when that part of the home hasn’t gotten any recent attention. And letting mold take over means anything from sneezing to full-blown asthma. But, having a regular housekeeper means you have an expert set of eyes looking out for problem areas. Though we don’t offer mold remediation, we are able to refer you to reputable Vancouver companies that do.

Keeping House Keeps Everyone Healthy!

There are some serious benefits to letting our professional housekeepers clean your house.

Our services turn Vancouver, Washington houses into homes, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re safer from harmful germs and allergens. We provide mopping, dishwashing, and sanitation services, professional carpet cleaning, laundry services, and more.


We are well established in Vancouver, Washington, and have been delivering one of the best housekeeping services here for over 15 years.


What housekeeping products does Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC use?

Your housekeepers use only professional-grade janitorial cleaners and equipment. We cannot reveal our coveted trade secrets here, but, we will say that our products strike a brilliant balance between effective and non-toxic.

Our purpose is to keep your floors, countertops, window sills, tables, furniture, carpet, rugs, and all the other prized knick-knacks in your home looking their best. And to do that we thoroughly test and evaluate our disinfectants, mild-abrasives, and glass cleaners.

The last thing we want is for a home to smell, feel, or look sterile. Our housekeepers are trained to clean without leaving a trace – and that goes for dirt as well as cleaning product residue.

Call for Customizable Housekeeping Services

Today’s Best Cleaning, LLC’s housekeeping duties are customized based on your needs. We can provide general cleaning, deep cleaning, or somewhere in between!

Our scheduling options make finding the right cleaning services simple, and we offer daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly cleaning.

Providing our clients with an exceptionally clean home is our purpose. So, contact us at our Vancouver, Washington location and let us know what your definition of housekeeping is!


Find beauty where you didn’t even know it could exist. Call our talented housekeeping team to work their magic today!


Contact us to schedule your first Vancouver, WA housekeeping appointment!

With competitive and affordable rates, a professional staff that cares, and exceptional customer service, call (360) 931-0939 or contact us today for your free in-home consultation and price estimate. Based on your property and needs, we’ll create an ideal deep cleaning schedule for maintaining your health and your home.